Suite Style: MandaMichalka

Wear: Chanel Tribute Black Silken Jacket, Chanel Tribute Black Tulle Blouse, Highland Blouse, Basic Black leggins, Joan Necklace, Bonjour Bizou round pilot sunnies,  Bnojour Bizou doctors bag, Nelly Gray Filippa K Booties, It girls stripped socks.
Comments:  I love how Manda put up this outfit! Many layers in the top part for the cold weather of the winter. Manda always comes up with beautiful outfits. I love this outfit a lot and she has this cool rocker-gothic vibe!

Say 'Hi' to stardoll's newest feature: The friendfeed

Browsing through my friends' suite I noticed an arrow at the left side of my screen and thought it was something from the stardoll academy, but after clicking it I realized it was a new feature stardoll recently introduced: The FriendFeed

(Click to enlarge)

The FriendFeed consinst in showing you what your stardoll friends are doing (most like their recent activity). You can know if your friends bought new items at the starplaza, earned starcoins, saved a dressup doll, wrote in guestbooks, saved a look in their suite or beauty parlor, saved their suite, added items to their wishlist, created something at the stardesign, sold something at their starbazaar or if they got something from there.

I feel kinda intrigued by this new feature, and I am currently at the love-hate stage cause I don't know if this will benefit us or not. I like that stardoll is adding new features to the web but I feel that we're being stalked in a way by your friends. They can follow you wherever you go (I mean if you go to another user's suite, etc) and stalk you. But I think the feauture is nice, you know, kinda interesting in a way. I haven't really chosen if I like it or not but I guess I'll have to explore it during a period and then decide.

What are your thoughts on this new feature?


Stardoll team released a few days ago a new PPQ Collection that is available for limited time only (4 days left from now) so if you want to buy a few pieces from the collection I'd recommend this ones.

1) PPQ SS13 WHITE SUNGLASSES - Available also in brown color, these sunglasses are really nice and I'd definetely buy them. Maybe cause they're minimalistic and that would be useful at the time of creating an outfit in any season. I'd jump in this color specifically cause white can be styled with anything. Also notice that the other pair of sunglasses have not the same shape, and the white ones' shape is more flattering. 

2) PPQ LIME DRESS - Stardoll keeps the bad habit of selling us overpriced items and playing it against user's wallet, cause they always release a new collection and days after they release another one, so if you want to buy items from the latest release, you'll need to buy more stardollars to your doll's wallet. Remember when dresses cost no more than 15 sd? Well, this past year has been tough for stardoll users who crave to buy new pieces for their medolls but they just can't buy more than 4 pieces at once (except that you have 200sd in your account) cause everything is too overpriced. In 2011 with my other medoll, I used to get at least 10-12 items with 150 stardollars, but everyday that is getting more and more buried in dust. With 150sd I can only buy from 5-7 pieces (depending on the store) these days which is almost half of what we used to be able to afford past years. I think I got a bit inspired by this of the overpriced items, so I'll continue with the main focus: the dress. This dress is not really special to me but styling it a bit wih other items, it would be great. I like the color, it's really cool. But I'm kinda disappointed since this dress could be done by any dollywood member. Jack's (queendetox) latest 'X apparel' collection is way better than the whole PPQ collection and he could have done a better dress than this.

PPQ SS13 PLATFORMS - These shoes are nothing out of common, I've seen better platforms on stardoll but I'd totally buy them cause you never have enough shoes and black shoes are perfect and fit any outfit. 

4) PPQ SS13 HEELS - As I said before, you never have enough shoes so take a look at these ones. I find these ones cooler than the platforms and look great on my medoll's feet!

5) PPQ SS13 SUNHAT - My favorite pick from the whole collection has to be this hat! I love it, it looks too good and it is so stylish. I love the idea that I could style it with many outfits and it's a top pick! Already got it on my other account and I'm craving to style it!

OVERALL PRICE: 82 stardollars
TOP PICK: If you would not like to spend 82 stardollars on these items cause it is way too much money, but would like to buy a piece, I highly recommend the PPQ SS13 Sunhat (13SD), as I said it is my favorite and would look great styled !


Suite Inspiration: Zoe_Divine

While doing my daily shopping trip at the starplaza I entered to the Young Hollywood store. 
While I was at the dresser trying on the Kim K mermaid dress someone knocked my door and with a soft voice asked 'Is there someone here?'. Of course I responded and she said sorry. When I went out of my dresser there was a stylish/funky lady who was sat down in front of me and she said 'I was waiting for the dresser, cause they're are not anymore'. The store was full because the Halloween ball that night and everyone was looking for their outfits. She entered to the dresser but I couldn't help noticing she was wearing a cropper top I liked a lot and I asked where did she get it. She said it was her design and immediately I asked if she was selling them. She said she was a local designer and that she had more at her studio located at her home. She invited me and after we both paid. we drove to her home. As I always carry my camera with me, I asked if I could photograph some parts of her house that inspired me and now I'm revealing the pictures in the blog!

She offered me green tea and wheat bread while we were chatting at her living. Light blue walls with old libraries and brown, beige and orange hues made that space cozy, simple and with a 50's atmosphere. I enjoyed looking through her book collection finding all kinds of literature. Also thefireplace behind the sofa made the room a little bit warm.

After I finished eating, we proceed to go upstairs and find her desing studio where she has lovely pieces.
I'll of course do a shopping spree when my monthly salary is deposited in my bak account. The studio is such an amazing place perfect for working.

I also got to know her bedroom since she thought it would be a nice idea to show it to me. She moved to this house about a month ago and they still decorating the other rooms. 

My favorite part of the whole tour through her house was the accesories closet. Oh my dear jesus christ! That closet is heaven, I wish I lived in that closet. It's filled with accesories including shoes, purses, bags, belts, scarfs, ect. She did not show me her other closet cause it was disorganized but I'll visit her again when everything is ready. 

Visit Zoe_Divine's suite!
Until next time.